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Our coarse fishing lake

To Book a Peg visit Swimbooker.com/StanleyVillaFarm

Please read our venue rules before arrival.

A beautiful 4-acre Carp Lake set in the heart of the rural Fylde.

The lake has depths of around 15 foot in the centre of the lake, with the island on the left of the lake being a favourable feature for carp anglers. Sizes range up to 22lbs. We have “Lexie” who is a 19lb Ghostie, “The Stirz” who is a stunning 22lb Fully scaled mirror and Charlie who is our 20lb 4oz Big shoulder common PLUS five unamed 20lb+ Carp… As well as over 200 Carp stocked in the lake, including Common, Mirror & Leather carp, there is also a large number of Rudd & Roach.

We have 14 day pegs, giving each angler a nice stretch of water in their swim and allowing up to a maximum of three rods per angler. Up to two rods £10.00 Three rods £15.00.

We operate our fishing lake between the times of 8:00am and 8:00pm, with 30 minutes before and after the time for anglers to arrive, setup and time for angler to bring their rods in. Swims must be booked prior to arrival – https://swimbooker.com/fishery/11342

Please read our venue rules before arrival.

To Book a Peg visit Swimbooker.com/StanleyVillaFarm

Bait shop on the fishery

We currently stock a huge range of bait available for you to purchase on the day which includes:

  • 12mm/14mm Dumbbell Wafters in various colours.
  • 14mm Pop ups and Wafters
  • Varied choice of 14mm Shelf-life boilies. I.D.3, The Heist & The Trap Boilies
  • House Pellet – Our house pellet is a 6mm Aller Aqua feed used to feed the carp on a weekly basis, we do recommend using this pellet in your feed. (£5.00 per bag)
  • Our very own GARLIC GOO – Pva Friendly £5.00
  • Micro Pellet & Sweetcorn…

All of our bait is highly recommended by our regular anglers due to the increase in catch rate.

You are allowed to bring your own bait, but please read our bait rules before fishing.

Lake information


8am – 8pm. 7 Days a week.

Booking Prices

£10.00 per ticket. Includes up to 2 rods. Additional Rod £5.

£3 per spectator.

Advance bookings is required – To Book a Peg visit Swimbooker.com/StanleyVillaFarm

Fishing equipment available to hire – see more info below.

Bait available to buy from our onsite shop.

Tips for fishing our coarse lake

If you are heading over for the day or camping on site, you may want to know some tips regarding the lake and how the carp feed during the day. Below you’ll find our Fishery Manager, Tom, telling you everything you need to know to ensure a high catch rate for when you visit.

“The carp in the lake are always on the move, they move through the margins during the day and most anglers that I meet on the lake are always fishing out in the open. Feeding those margins up with some pellet and sweetcorn can really change your catch amount. I’m always recommending anglers to have one rod in the margins about 1 rod length out into the ‘Drop Off’ because they really do circle around the lake all day.

I want to make sure that when you are visiting the lake, you have all the knowledge which I have accumulated from fishing the lake since opening back up as a carp fishery back in 2020.

Bright Wafters pink or yellow, House Boilie 12mm or 16mm

Small PVA Bags with house pellet 2/3mm and boilie crumb filled with Garlic goo…
4-inch hair rigs with a stick of PVA mesh filled with pellets.

Those are my choices when fishing the lake and it always produces a lot of fish on the bank.

Using our bait in the shop is highly recommended: Mostly our Boilie which is iD3 – Robin Red and Crab…

When you can find the spots on the lake, and there are plenty of areas in each swim, get plenty of bait out on your spot to get them feeding, I start by putting out a solid bag with 2-4 spombs of pellet and corn this time of year. Garlic is there ultimate favourite right now”

Don’t be shy with your feed as this will produce you bites all day and attract those bigger carp to your spot.

Advance Booking Required via SwimBooker.com

20lb 4oz – Tails

20lb 4oz – charlie

19lb – lexie

Fishing Equipment for Hire

PLEASE NOTE: Some fishing experience is necessary to hire equipment.

At Stanley Villa Farm Fishing & Camping we offer fishing equipment hire – whether you want to spend a day fishing as a family or you don’t have the space to bring all your fishing equipment, we can provide this for you when booked in advance.
We have a fishing package available with a choice of rods. We only allow fishing rod hire on our back lake “The stock pond”

Stanley Villa Farm coarse fishing holidays

Float Fishing Package

  • One float fishing rod pre-setup
  • X1 Tin of Sweetcorn
  • Landing mat and landing net provided
  • Fish care antiseptic spray (Spray wounds and mouth sores)

Cost of hire: £25.00
Cash Deposit: £20.00

Carp Basics Fishing Package

  • One carp rod setup with lead and hair rig
  • X1 sml Bag of Boilies )
  • Landing mat and landing net provided
  • Fish care antiseptic spray (Spray wounds and mouth sores)

Cost of hire: £25.00
Cash Deposit: £20.00

Please read our disclaimer for hiring fishing equipment

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