Take advantage of our deposit system, pay £49 now and the balance 6 weeks prior to arrival.

1) Stanley Villa Farm, Fishing & Camping do not take responsibility for injury, loss or damage of personal property on the lake.

2) If you are injured during this experience, you must report back to the office to seek medical attention or call our office on 01253 804588 – If you require an ambulance call 999.

3) The fishing rod comes with a sharp metal barbless hook, you are responsible for taking care whilst using this equipment as it may cause injury if not used in the correct manor.

4) There is a £10 holding deposit when hiring the equipment, once you have returned the equipment in a working state you will receive your deposit back after inspection of the equipment. Reasons for no refund are:

– Damage to the rod including the eyes, handle and any part of the rod telescopic section.

– Damage to the reel, handle and including the line. (Only if the line has snapped during cast or incorrect use)

– The rig, elements and lead must be returned – If not, there is a £3.00 charge to have these replaced

5) You MUST take care whilst on the lake, you must NOT enter the water at any time or cause interference with other anglers. This includes loud noises, screaming and shouting whilst on the lake, it is purely to respect other anglers.

6) CARING FOR THE FISH – You will be provided with a landing net and carp care mat; this must be used at every instance when catching our fish. Failure to do so will end the hire and the holding deposit won’t be refunded.

Stanley Villa Farm, Fishing & Camping takes no responsibility during the hire of the fishing equipment – If you require assistance on the lake, you must call 01253 804 588.

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