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One Holiday. Three Budgets.Top End budget stay

amazing family holidaysDid Somebody Say Cha-ching?

I’ll say it upfront – this won’t be for everyone.

It is a chunk of change for most budgets – unless your surname is Gates, Musk or Bezos

That being said, our Bell Tent with Wood Fired Hot Tub does have the highest occupancy rates, and gets fantastic feedback.

Remember, we based all the stays on a family of 2 adults and 2 children staying with us over the Summer Holidays, and driving from around an hour away.

don’t forgetWhat you’d need to bring

  • Bedding for all: blankets, under sheets, pillows.
  • A change of clothes.
  • Toiletries & towels.
  • overviewthe costs

    £12.00 Fuel
    Return Journey

    £180.00 Accommodation
    Bell Tent with Wood Fired Hot Tub
    Overlooking the Lake

    £58.00 Added Extras
    The Stove Package
    Couples Luxury Pack

    £180.00 Food & Drink
    Nearby Eagle Pub
    A BBQ
    Coffees and Ice Creams on site
    Champagne (of course)
    Nearby Starbucks

    £120.00 Day Activities
    Option 1
    A Day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (booked in advance)
    Option 2
    Family Pony Trekking

    Total Cost: £550.00

    included packagesCOUPLES LUXURY PACKAGE

    Couples Luxury Package Includes: firewood, firelighters, instant lighting log, lighter, rose shaped fairy lights in your Pod, rose petals on the bed, a melted Belgian chocolate dipping tray with marshmallows, fresh strawberries, candles (LEDs), sparklers, camping table and chair hire, & a presentation hamper basket.

    (Please note that the basket, candles, fairy lights, table and chairs are hired items and must be left in the Pod)


    Stove Package

    Stove Package Includes: Firelighters, x3 briquettes, kindling & a lighter.

    Inside your Bell Tent there are some instructions on how to use the stove package and the safety regarding using the stove. If you require any assistance whilst using the stove please contact a member of staff.


    Stanley Villa Farm camping couples luxury package

    Stove Package

    our timelinethe plan

    day 1

    Get packed up late morning on the day of arrival.


    Get your appetite at the ready and head firstly to The Eagle in Weeton (just a short 5min drive from our site). Adults – my personal recommendation would be either the steak sandwich, or the new Buffalo Burger. Kids, look no further than the fish & chips with a milkshake! Booking advised – 01253 542 141 or on the website. You won’t be disappointed.


    Arrive at our site – check in to your Beautiful Bell Tent with Wood Fired Hot Tub! The Tent has it’s own reserved parking space and overlooks the lake. You’ll be greeted by either myself, Alex, or one of our friendly and experienced team members Stella or Tom. Get unpacked – make up the beds while the kids have a play. There’s so much space and room in the Bell Tent. You may also notice in this Bell Tent you have a complimentary Battery Pack for charging your phone, and a Galaxy Star Projector! Bonus.


    Take some time to relax and get settled in. One of our team will pop over to show you how the Hot Tub works (it’s really straight forward). The kids can do the fairy trail in this time – it’s a great way for them to explore the site, they even get a free lollipop at the end! With the kids playing, it’s time to light the Hot Tub and give it the occasional stir. The wood for the tub is already loaded up for you and is included in the stay. It’s almost a guarantee the kids will be playing in the Hot Tub way before it gets to temperature, but that’s ok, (just make sure any children stay closely supervised while using the tub).


    It’s Animal Feeding Time… We start with our sheep who are so friendly and love to be stroked. We give them their dinner by hand feeding them. Then on to our Chickens. All kinds of fancy breeds, including our fluffy one ‘Walt’! We take everybody inside the chicken house and feed them corn. For the brave ones, they’ll let the chickens take the corn from their hands. We’ll often pick up and stroke some of the smaller ones – they’re so cute! We then collect the freshly laid eggs which are all different shapes and sizes!


    It’s time to light the Camp Fire and get the BBQ sizzling… We have fridge freezers in the main lodge near to the Bell Tents to store your bits in. It’s very difficult (in my humble opinion) to beat a cold beer, with a hot BBQ. Whether it’s simple burgers and hot dogs, or something a little more adventurous like; Steak, kebabs, pork chops, marinated chicken, maybe even throw in some veg… who knows. After your dinner has gone down, it’s time to get those sparklers out and set the scene for some fantastic family photos. It’s Marshmallow time next – but try to save some for later on – all will be revealed.


    We have a ‘noise cut off time’. This is when all noise must come down to a minimum level. As the evening draws on and the sun starts to set, it’s time to let the kids go bed – with the promise of a Galaxy Star Projector to entertain them while they enter the land of nod. You could also use the stove pack at this point in the Bell Tent’s safe and secure stove. With the soft crackle, and glowing warmth, they’ll be asleep in no time. Then for some well deserved quality couples time. Get some more logs on the Hot Tub fire, and hop in… It will still be warm from earlier and in around 15mins will have heated up to the perfect temperature again. It’s now time for many people’s highlight of the stay… Pop the Champagne. Clink your glasses. Relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. Look out at purples, pinks and reds as the sun sets and reflects over the lake. A picture wouldn’t even do it justice – so don’t bother. Just live in the moment and enjoy it. Next, open the Belgian Chocolate Dipping Tray and sit it on the water. After around 10mins, the chocolate will be melted. Dark and White. Open up those fresh Strawberries and dig out those remaining Marshmallows… It’s dipping time! Soak it all up and when you’re ready, head back in to your warm and cosy Bell Tent to sleep on your comfy double bed. What a perfect evening.

    day 2

    You have until 10.30am to check out of the Bell Tent. With a busy day ahead, you may want to be up and out early. Although, feel free to have a leisurely walk around the lake and grab a coffee before packing up and heading out. A popular breakfast option is Starbucks – just a 2min drive from the site. Pricey yes, but tasty. Then you’re all set to head out for a day of fun. For this example we’ve given 2 options –
    Option 1
    The Pleasure Beach (15min drive away): https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/
    Option 2
    Or Family Pony Trekking (15min drive away): http://www.braedentrekking.co.uk/

    Either will be a fun adventure – one with a little more queuing than the other – but great fun non-the-less. At the Pleasure Beach I’d particularly recommend Icon, and on a sunny day Valhalla!

    Two girls in hot tub
    Collecting chicken eggs
    Feeding the sheep at Stanley Villa Farm
    Little boy playing outside bell tents
    Beautiful View from hot tub with champagne and strawberries

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