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One Holiday. Three Budgets.mid budget stay

amazing family holidaysWhat Would A Mid-Budget Stay Look Like?

Welcome to the middle tier of ‘The complete cost’ of a break with us, based on 3 different budgets – low, medium or high.

We looked at, the travel costs, the stay costs, the activity costs, the food and drink costs.

We based all the stays on a family of 2 adults and 2 children staying with us over the Summer Holidays, and driving from around an hour away.

This is the second out of three which looks at a Medium budget stay

don’t forgetWhat you’d need to bring

  • Bedding for all: blankets, under sheets, pillows.
  • A change of clothes.
  • Toiletries.
  • Fold out chairs / camping table.
  • Hot drinks: Tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate, mugs.
  • Entertainment: Board game / playing cards, outdoor games for kids.
  • overviewthe costs

    £12.00 Fuel
    Return Journey

    £125.00 Accommodation
    Bell Tent

    £52.00 Added Extras
    Family Firewood Package
    S’mores Kit
    4 x Chairs
    Stove Package
    Fairy Light Hire

    £38.80 Food
    4 x Fish & Chips Specials from local Chip Shop
    4 x Greggs breakfast deals
    (2 mins drive away)

    £62.00 Day Activity
    Pirate Golf & Wild Discovery Zoo at Ribby Hall
    (7 mins drive away)

    Total Cost: £289.00

    included packagesFamily Firewood Package

    Family Firewood Package Includes: x2 Bags of Logs, Cosi-Logs, Firelighters, Lighter, Mystical Flame Powder & Sparklers.


    s’mores kit

    Biscuits, Chocolate & Marshmallows


    Camping Chair Hire

    Use for the duration of your stay


    Stove Package

    Stove Package Includes: Firelighters, x3 briquettes, kindling & a lighter.

    Inside your Bell Tent there are some instructions on how to use the stove package and the safety regarding using the stove. If you require any assistance whilst using the stove please contact a member of staff.


    Fairy Lights

    Use for the duration of your stay
    (Please note that fairy lights are hired and must be left in tent)


    Stove Package

    our timelinethe plan

    day 1

    Get packed up at around lunchtime on the day of arrival.


    Have a bit of lunch at home, then set off.


    Head at first to Ribby Hall for some fun activities (PR4 2PR) 10mins from us.

    First – Wild Discovery Animal Experience…
    In their own words: “Encounter our furry, scaly and feathery friends at Wild Discovery. Wild Discovery is a unique interactive and educational experience. Say hello to our friendly Farmyard animals, adventure through the Exotic House to encounter creatures of the jungle, before walking with animals from around the world on our Safari Walk.”

    Then on to my little boys absolute favourite – Pirates Bay Adventure Golf.(If I had £1 for each time I get asked “if we can go” – I’d be a very rich man! haha.)


    Arrive at our site. Check in to your Bell Tent. Get unpacked. Make up the beds quickly while the kids have a play. Then, take half an hour to relax and settle in. The kids could do the fairy trail in this time – it’s a great way for them to explore the site (younger children will need supervision). The Fairy Trail is free of charge when staying with us. Kids even get a free lollipop at the end!


    Animal Feeding Time! (If you’re not already ‘Animaled out’ from the afternoon!) We start with our sheep who are so friendly and love to be stroked as well as hand fed. Then on to our Chickens. All kinds of fancy breeds! We take everybody inside the chicken house and feed them as well as picking up and stroking some of the smaller ones! We then collect the freshly laid eggs which are all different shapes and sizes! Animal feeding is free of charge when staying with us.


    It’s time to light the fire and order your Chippy Tea! Seniors in Wesham do a Special – Mini Haddock, Chips, Large Side & a Can of Pop for £7! Great quality & a bargain! The link to order is here: https://seniorsfishandchips.co.uk/ (just select Wesham). Delicious!! The Family Firewood Pack will already be in your Bell Tent waiting for you… It includes: x 2 Bags of Logs, Cosi-Logs, Firelighters, Lighter, Mystical Flame Powder & Sparklers! Once the fire is going the kids can either run around and play by the Bell Tents, and make some new friends, or sit by the fire with you and play some board games until dinner arrives. As the evening goes on you’ll notice other camp fires springing up around you.. This helps create a very special and magical atmosphere. After your dinner has gone down, it’s time to get those s’mores a cookin! If you’ve never had them before you’re in for a sweet treat!


    We have a ‘noise cut off time’. This is when all noise must come down to a minimum level. Perfect if you have young children, and perfect for relaxing in general. You may also be able to do some stargazing! There are some amazing apps that can help you identify the different stars, planets and constellations. It’s quite common to see a shooting star! As it goes dark – try your Mystic Flame Powder to change the colour of the fire! Magic!


    We have a cut off time for sitting outside the Pods. This helps everybody get a good nights sleep – especially in the Bell Tents. With all the energy burned, the fresh air, and the ideal temperatures, and the peace and quiet, kids get a great nights sleep.

    day 2

    You have until 10.30am to check out of the Bell Tent, so there’s no mad rush in the morning. Feel free to have a leisurely walk around the lake before packing up and heading out. A popular breakfast option is Greggs – just a 2min drive from the site. Hard to go wrong. Then you’re all set to head out for another day of fun!

    Stanley Villa Farm Bell Tent
    Feeding the sheep at Stanley Villa Farm
    Handling chickens at Stanley Villa Farm
    Having fun with sparklers
    A family relaxing outside Bell Tents in evening

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