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One Holiday, 3 Budgets! Number 1 – Low Budget!


I hope you’re well…

It’s here…

The Summer Holidays have begun!

Well, almost anyway.

I have another 4 hours or so of relative peace here at the campsite before I collect the kids and mayhem ensues 🙂

We’re then off for a few days to visit relatives, firstly up in the lakes, then over to Newcastle, then on to sunny Derbyshire!

The kids are very excited for it!

Especially as they get to take their bikes!


In my last email, I looked at the ‘5 reasons not to go Glamping’ and by far, the bigggest reason for most people was the ‘cost’.

So, we’ve come up with 3 ideas that show:

‘The complete cost’ of a break with us, based on 3 different budgets – low, medium or high.

We looked at, the travel costs, the stay costs, the activity costs, the food and drink costs.

We based all the stays on a family of 2 adults and 2 children staying with us over the Summer Holidays, and driving from around an hour away.

This is the first of those three and looks at the lowest of the budgets.

One of my mum’s most used phrases when growing up was…

‘Right kids, we’re going to have to tighten our belts’…

I’m sure many can relate.

So with that in mind, here we go…

Overview – The Costs:

£12.00 – Fuel – Return Journey

£85.00 – Accommodation – Camping Pod

£12.00 – Added extras – Firewood Package & Marshmallows

£13.00 – Meal, Snacks & Drink from Aldi (7mins drive from site)

Total Cost: £122.00

(potentially less if you read to the end…)


What you’d need to bring:

Bedding for all – blankets, under sheets, pillows. 2 x single airbeds. A change of clothes. Toiletries. Fold out chairs/camping table. Tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate, mugs. Board game/playing cards, outdoor games for kids.


The Plan/Timeline:

Get packed up at around lunchtime on the day of arrival.

12.30pm set off.

1.30pm Aldi Shop (PR4 3JZ)

2pm – Arrive at site – check in to Pod – get unpacked – make up beds while the kids have a play. Put cold items like meals and milk in the fridges in the main lodge.

2.30pm – Make a brew in the Lodge, take a seat outside your Pod and half an hour to relax and settle in. The kids could do the fairy trail in this time – it’s a great way for them to explore the site (younger children will need supervision).

The Fairy Trail is free of charge when staying with us. Kids even get a free lollipop at the end!

3pm – Time for some local activities

Option 1 – Small park – 6 mins drive – Wesham Park – close to Aldi.

If the kids have bikes there are some ramps as well as a playground suitable for most ages – the usual swings, slides, zip-lines, as well as ample space for games like football and cricket. There’s even fitness equipment dotted around the pathway if the mood takes you!

Option 2 – Medium park – Lytham Park View.

Several times the size of Wesham and lots to do for children of all ages. There are sandy play areas, wet play areas, a bike ramp area, climbing towers, and a café.

It even has its own website: http://www.parkview4u.org.uk/

Highly recommended.

5pm – Land back at the site, and hopefully the kids will have burned enough energy to be ready for some tea in the Lodge.

If the weather is nice you can always sit out and enjoy the lakeside view on one of our picnic benches.

6pm – Animal Feeding Time! We’ll come around the Pods (and Bell Tent area) to let guests know we’re going to feed the animals.

Starting with our sheep who are so friendly and love to be stroked as well as hand fed. Then on to our Chickens.

We take everybody inside the chicken house with us and feed them some lovely corn as well as picking up and stroking some of the smaller ones!

We then collect the freshly laid eggs (which are available to buy in the shop). Animal feeding is free of charge when staying with us.

7pm and it’s time to light the fire! The Firewood Pack has everything you need to get the fire started and each Pod comes with it’s own Fire Pit.

Once the fire is going the kids can either run around and play in the big grassy space in the middle of the Pods, and usually make new friends. Or sit by the fire with you and play some cards or board games.

As the evening goes on you’ll notice other camp fires springing up around you and this helps create a very special and magical atmosphere, with a fun yet relaxed energy. Don’t forget to toast those Marshmallows!

9.30pm – We have a ‘noise cut off time’. This is when all noise must come down to a minimum level. Perfect if you have young children, and perfect for relaxing in general. You may also be able to do some stargazing! There are some amazing apps that can help you identify the different stars, planets and constellations. It’s quite common to see a shooting star!

11pm – We have a cut off time for sitting outside the Pods. This helps everybody get a good nights sleep. With all the energy burned, the fresh air, and the ideal temperatures, and the peace and quiet, kids usually get a great nights sleep.

Day 2

You have until 11am to check out of the Pod, so there’s no mad rush in the morning.

Most guests have breakfast in the lodge, then a leisurely walk around the site before packing up and heading out.

A popular option is to head to the beach at St. Annes. You can park for free by the sand dunes and have a stroll along the beach. So simple, but so much fun, especially for the kids.


There we go…

I hope that gets some ideas going and helps expolore what a night away with us might look like.

Dates can be checked and bookings made here: https://stanleyvillafarm.co.uk/book-now/


If you stayed with us last Summer (June – Sept), we sent you out a Bright Orange Envelope in the post last week…

It has 3 vouchers to be used this Summer…

– Free Firewood Pack (save £10)

– Free Chair Hire (save £12)

– A £10 Ice Cream voucher!

This was a little ‘thank you’ for coming to see us…

If you got one – I hope you can make use of it!

The good news is…

I do still have a few envelopes and stamps left over…

So – If you’re thinking of joining us this summer, and you’d like me to post these vouchers out to you…

Just hit reply to this email with your Name/Surname and address.

I have roughly 50 remaining, and it will work on a first come, first served basis. So no guarantees.

(It’ll likely be the backend of next week when they’d land with you).

I hope this helps and I’ll hope to see some of you soon…

All my very best,

Alex 🙂

Camp Site Manager (& off home to pack now).


If you’re coming to visit us on a Friday night during the Summer Hols (apart from 4th Aug) we have a local Fish & Chip van on site!

Oh Yes!

Pre-orders strongly advised – just give us a call or email and pay for them on the night (cash or card).

glamping on a budget
Idea for the Summer Holidays…

Part one of three. On a budget.