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Expectations Vs Reality

I hope you’re well and had a nice week…

Did you see in the news the story about the Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow earlier this week!?

If not, it was a vastly oversold experience based on Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Which we just happen to be reading at bedtimes, for the 5th time now!

The adverts showed amazing images of what it would be like…

The reality was nothing close!

The full news story is here if you’d like to see the images: Click Here

To avoid the ‘expectations vs reality‘ trap, we’ve tried hard over the past few years to make videos showing what our Glamping Site is really like…

Most of the videos are just me walking about the site filming with my iphone and posting them uncut / unedited straight to facebook –

Feel free to have a look if you haven’t already:


& people seem to like the honestback-to-basics nature of the videos…

It helps them to know what to expect, and even who to expect when they book a stay.

To add to that, we’ve built a YouTube Channel so you can find exactly the information you need…

Need to know ‘What’s in a Bell Tent‘ – No Problem…

Need to know ‘What are the Facilities like?‘ – No Problem…

Or – just an ‘overview of the site’

It was made 6 years ago – so the fishing info is a bit out of date…

But it gives you the gist of the site, some lovely customer feedback, and one heck of a Hawaiian Shirt! (skip to 1.17)


The other thing that separates expectations from reality is our reviews

We have over 12 years worth of such amazing reviews on so many different platforms.

A quick web search will soon show you.

We couldn’t be prouder of them…


That’s all for today…

I’ll hope to see you soon…

All my very best,

Alex 🙂

Camp Site Manager (& firmly based in reality).


We’ve just added a New Offer…

The Perfect Stay for Mothers Day!

(see what we did there)

Heated Pod + Luxury Package: Only £99.00 any date in March or April

Bell Tent + Luxury Package Mid week Sunday-Thursday: Only £125.00

Bell Tent + Luxury Package Weekend date: Only £149.00


Firewood Pack, Rose Shaped Fairy Lights, Rose Petals on Bed, Belgian Chocolate Dipping Tray, Marshmallows & sticks, Fresh Strawberries, LED Candles, Sparklers, Table & Chairs… (worth £49.95 alone!)

Limited dates available – Date must be before 30th of April – Bell Tents available from start of Easter holidays. Printable Gift Voucher sent to your email once booked.