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We’ve converted Mrs Y!


I hope you’re well and have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!

We have a full site tonight – Happy Glampers enjoying the Pods and Bell Tents…

The animal feed was great fun as we’ve just added new chickens to our line-up…

The new ones are called ‘Serama’ Chickens – they look just like mini-chickens and are so friendly!!

They just love being picked up and lay the cutest little eggs you’ve ever seen!!

I haven’t tried one yet, but I’m sure they’re delicious (the egg that is… not the chicken… lol)


Anyhow, on to the reason for my email today…

We converted my better half, Mrs. Y. to Glamping!!!

(& it only took 11 years!) Haha.

Mrs. Y. is not known to be a Camper or indeed a Glamper…

She’s not by any means snobbish, and isn’t one for spending excessivley on fancy hotels or anything of the like…

A good Premier Inn will usually do the job if she’s left in charge of booking a night away..

(not that there’s anything wrong with Premier Inn of course).

But the good weather, and possible nagging from the kids, must have prompted something in her to give Glamping a go…

and where better than our very own site!

There was 1 unit in particular that she wanted…

No prizes for guessing – it was the Bell Tent with the Hot Tub.

Our most booked unit and a wise decision!


Even though we’re here nearly every day, it was so exciting for the kids to be sleeping over!

They duely packed all the essentials… toy horses… Pokemon… you get the idea 🙂

We packed the 3 B’s…

Bedding, A BBQ, and a Bottle of Bubbly.. then made the sub-30 second drive around the corner to the site…

Possibly a new world record for the shortest distance ever travelled to go on a holiday!


The BBQ was soon on the go and I stuck to the classics – Burgers, Hot Dogs, and a couple of Lamb Kebabs for good measure…

We had some fun family time with the kids playing cricket on the grassy area.

We occassionally walked around the lake to see the fish being caught.

The fishermen are always so friendly and are usually proud to show their catches…

My little boy Arthur (5) even got to touch one of the Big Carp and was keen to have a go himself (something to try next time).

A lesson with our own fishing expert Tom could be in order!

Alice (6) was more on the cautious side and happier just to watch.

After the BBQ had gone down, it was time for the kids to have a play in the Hot Tub…

I do see the irony that we ‘advise’ ‘no under 14’s’, but well supervised they are welcome.

They had a blast spashing about, joking, playing and for once not fighting!

After that, it was time for a Campfire.

We toasted Marshmallows, made S’mores, then put on the Mystic Flame Powder!

(that makes the fire change to different colours!!)

A truely magical evening.

It was then time for the kids to go to Bed.

The Starlight Projector certanly helped encourage them.

After a short story, the kids were fast asleep.

It was then our turn to enjoy the Hot Tub!

The water had dropped a bit cool, as we’d left the lid off, but I re-stoked the fire and it was soon an inviting 40 degrees.

The best way I can describe the evening was “just so relaxing”…

People say it all the time as they check out…

And it was so nice to actually be ‘in my customers shoes’ and experience it first hand.

Peace, quiet, wild animals and birds all around, the gentle ripple on the lake, the colour of the sky, and of course the company. Just bliss.

We enjoyed a bottle of pink fizz, strawberries, and a melted chocolate dipping tray. Delicious.

What a way to spend an evening and see the sunset.

When we went to bed it had cooled down, so we used the stove pack (kindling and bricketts) to warm the tent up a little.

It was so cosy in the Bell Tent with the sound of the fire crackling away, & the kids sleeping peacefully.

Mrs. Y. commented on how good the mattress was – she sounded almost surprised!

I wasn’t sure whether to take this as a compliment or an insult, but I plumped for the former.

We woke up at about 6.30am feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

We sat out enjoyed a freshly ground coffee overlooking the lake.

“I’ve done it” – I thought…

“I’ve converted Mrs. Y. to Glamping!”

All of the items mentioned you can buy on site – apart from the bubbly – as we don’t sell booze – but you’re welcome to bring your own 🙂


What a unique and memorable experience.

When the kids look back in ten or twenty years, it’s not likley they’ll remember a generic hotel stay…

But I gaurantee they will remember the fun and excitment of glamping!

& what a privillage it is to run the site day in, day out, helping create those special memories for families.

To book your own stay, and experience it first hand for yourself, just click here:

That’s all for today…

All my very best,

Alex 🙂

Camp Site Manager (& converter of non-glampers!).

champagne and strawberries
Bubbles, Strawberries, Hot Tub, Sunset!

A winning combination 🙂

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